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The Yellow Room: equipment: bed, wardrobes, table, chairs, television Yellow room - beds

This attic room has four beds, a fold-out couch and it is very spacious. It is painted and decorated light yellow and furnished with dark stylish furniture, available is little fridge and television with satelite.

Spacious bathroom with a shower bath (equiped with a hair dryer) is outfitted in the same colours as the room.

The breakfast – as well as in the other rooms – is served on a trolley table right into the room, which gives you the possibility to taste your breakfast in privacy and peaceful enviroment.

Room equipment

  • Beds for 4 persons (double bed and fold-out couch)
  • Wardrobe, little case, mirror, table, 2 chairs
  • Television with satellite
  • Mini fridge
  • Bathroom
  • We offer also an unique gluten-free and diabetical diet.
  • Price per bed per night 500,- CZK / 970,- CZK (summer/winter)

I am interrested in the accomodation.

Room and bathroom

View out of the window

The Yellow Room offers fantastic view on the Medvědín slope and a marvelous view into the Labský důl (The Elbe Pit), over whitch there mounts the Polish Ridge with the massiv of Vysoké kolo. The view is situated on the north-west side.

View out of the windowView out of the window View out of the windowView out of the window View out of the windowView out of the window

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